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Kids Learning Garden Kit

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1. 7" Pot Black - 3nos

2. Coir Pith Compost - 3kg

3. Gardening Gloves -1Pair

4. Hand Trowel Small -1nos

5. 2Ltr Watering Can - 1nos

6.  Veg Hybrid Seeds -2nos


7" Gardening Pot

Useful For Planting Both Indoors And Outdoors

Color    : black & Terracotta

Material: plastic

Depth   : 7 inch

Diameter of top: 7 inch

Country of origin: India

Plastic pots and accessories are designed and manufactured maintaining the highest quality standards, pots are designed to be durable, light in weight, easily stock-able, with large drain holes and are cost effective for the grower. Can be used for all type of indoor plants all type table top plants for keeping plants at office placement indoor - bedroom, living room, bathroom, office desk, dining table outdoor - can be placed outdoor in terrace, kitchen garden. Country of origin: India

Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves are one of the important tool people need while gardening. Whether they are professional gardeners or a hobbyist, gloves are an essential tool. Many people find the feeling of warm, moist dirt in their hands as one of best things that happen during gardening but, it can often lead to blistered, chapped skin and scraped. During such cases, gloves turn out to be the ideal solution to counteract this issue. These gloves can most certainly protect the hands of gardening enthusiasts and allow them to spend more time in enjoying their hobby. There is a false impression that the only benefit of wearing gloves when gardening is to keep the hands clean. People usually overlook the fact that it is also a safety measure that should be followed by everyone. Dangers from infections and insect bites, as well as chemical fertilizers in the soil can gravely hurt a gardener. Getting infected from cuts is an additional danger while handling gardening tools or mulch. With the soiled nature of gardening, harmful germs causing infection can get into the body through the cuts. Hence, irrespective of what people do in their garden, keeping the hands clean is imperative and wearing protective gloves while gardening can help in lowering the chances of getting hurt. Country of origin: India

2Ltr Watering Can

Suitable for home garden, terrace gardening, kitchen gardening, terrace poly house gardening and roof top balcony Gardening. Made from 100% UV stabilized, BPA free polypropylene plastic ensures long lasting. This can is super handy and its innovative structure helps you keep your garden lush, making your gardening.

Easy-to-fill 1.8litre capacity will make sure you have enough water and is also handy to carry it around. This is ideal for Indoor Gardening as well as Other Uses. Dimension (In Inch)-Length 13.5 inches, Width 4.7 inches and Height 8.3 inches. Dimension (In cm) – Length – 34.2 cm, Width – 12 Cm, Height – 21 cm. Country of origin: India

Hybrid Chilli Seed

Brand : Sumashi Seeds

Crop : Chilli

Variety : Aarya

Lot No. : HQA 467

Date of Test : 28.09.2020

Date of Packing : 01.10.2020

Valid Upto : 21.06.2021

Net Wt. : 0.5 gm

Germination Percentage (min) : 95%

Physical Purity (min) : 98%

Genetic Purity (min) : 95%

Treated With : Thiram

Country of origin: India

Hybrid Tomato Seed Chiranjeevi

Brand : Sumashi Seeds

Crop : Tomato

Variety : Chiranjeevi 

Lot No : HTO 511

Date Of Test : 23.11.2020

Date of Packing : 03.12.2020

Valid upto : 22.08.2021

Germination percentage (min) : 70%

Physical Purity (min) : 98%

Genetic Purity (min) : 90%

Net Wt. : 0.5 gm

Treated with : Thiram

Recommended season : Kharif, Rabi & Summer

Country of origin: India

Coir Pith Compost - 3kg

Coir pith compost improves texture, structure and tilth of the soil, thus helping plants to grow fast and healthy.

By using Coir pith compost, Sandy soil become more compact and clayey soil become more arable

It improves the soil aggregation

Country of origin: India

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