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Home Cleaning Kit

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1.Diversey Floor Cleaner Disinfectant 1Ltr -1nos

2.Diversey Grill And Owen cleaner 1Ltr -1nos

3.Diversey Hygienic Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate 1Ltr -1nos

4.Diversey Antibacterial Hand Wash 1Ltr -1nos

5.Diversey Multipurpose Cleanser For Kitchen 1Ltr-1nos

6.Diversey Disinfectant Spray And Wipe 500ml-1nos

7.Diversey Soft care Sanitizer 500ml -1nos

8.Diversey All Purpose Cleaner 500ml-1nos

9.3 Ply Mask With Nose Wire (Premium Quality)-30nos



Diversey Floor Cleaner Disinfectant 1Ltr

Removes Stubborn Stains , Safe On All Types Of Floors .Effectively Kills Pathogenic Bacteria , Removes Stubborn Stains, Safe On All Types Of Hard Floors ,effective In All Water Conditions ,Refreshing Fragrance. Benzalkonium Chloride - IP 2%.

Country Of Origin : India 

Diversey Grill And Owen cleaner 1Ltr

Cleaning Of Heavy Grease Build-up In a Food Premises , Fully Formulated For Optional Performance , Increase Efficiency By Reducing Energy Consumption Of Equipment , Helps Remove Heavy Carbonaceous And Baked-on Deposit, Non-Perfumed. Leaves No Taint Or Smell On Cleansed items.

Country Of Origin : India

Diversey Hygienic Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate 1Ltr

Safe On All Hard Surface , Quickly Removes Stains And Dirt , Cleans And Sanitises In One Action , Leaves Surface Steak-Free , Safe For Use On All Washable Hard Surfaces , Pleasant Room Care Fragrance.

Country Of Origin : India

Diversey Antibacterial Hand Wash 1Ltr

Keeps Hand Clean And Hygienic, Rich Lather , Refreshing Scent, Contains TRICLOSAN , Effective Antibacterial Agent That Kills Germs And Helps In Keeping Your Hands Clean And Hygienic , Produces Rich Lather And Refreshing Perfume That Makes Hand Washing a Pleasurable Experience.

Country Of Origin : India

Diversey Multipurpose Cleanser For Kitchen 1Ltr

Ideal For Dish Washing , Floor Cleaning , Hard Surface Cleaning  And Glass Cleaning, Removes Stubborn Soils , Leaves Surface Clean Without Any Scratches Or Streaks.

Country Of Origin : India

Diversey Disinfectant Spray And Wipe 500ml

Kills 99.9% Virus And Bacteria, Helps Eliminative Odors , Ideal For Daily Cleaning .Benzalkonium Chloride-2% w/w 

Country Of Origin : India

Diversey Soft care Sanitizer 500ml

Complies With WHO Guidelines , Instant Germ Kill, Soft On Hands , Perfume Free. Ethanol  IP:70% v/v

Country Of Origin : India

Diversey All Purpose Cleanser 500ml

Provide Fast And Streak –Free Shine , Ideal For Cleaning On Hard Surfaces Such As Glass , Laminated Furniture , Plastic, Stainless Steel, Ceramic And Others . Effectively Removes Oil And Finger Marks  Leaving The Surface Clean And Streak Free. 

Country Of Origin : India

3 Ply Mask With Nose Wire (Premium Quality)

Fully Automatic Machine-Made No Human Touch , 95% Bacteria Filteration Efficiency , Better Breathability - With Advanced Fabric Filters, With Adjustable Nose Pin To Prevent Fogging And Effective Protection , 8 Hour Continuous Protection, Fluid Resistant And Disposable

Country Of Origin : India

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