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Our company

Diaguncart.com is a B2B (Business to Business) & B2C (Business to Customer) online store which endeavours in supplying trending and innovative products to the market.

We can bring to your doorsteps an extensive range of products which encompasses industry safety products, personal safety products, disinfectants and biodegradable, Agriculture & compostable products. We source products directly from industry-leading manufactures and from authorised distributors.

While constantly striving for bringing the finest online shopping experience to your finger tips, our superior product quality, reliable and swifter shipping and competitive pricing ensure ease and comfort to our customers.

Extremely reliable and incredibly speedy delivery is assured through our wide network of local stores. With a single click, our products reach you in a blink from our store in your neighbourhood.

DiaGun Ventures is a supplier and distributor with an established reputation in distributing a wide range of products covering generic equipment and biodegradable and compostable products. The Kochi based company also owns the distribution rights of an extensive line-up of industry safety products, personal safety products, disinfectants and biodegradable & compostable products.